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Letter from Chapter President Kevin W. Love, PE, CCM

CMAA Southern Nevada Government Affairs - Clark County Fuel Tax Indexing 

CMAA Southern Nevada Members, 

One of the duties of any professional organization is to provide relevant information to our members related to government affairs. There is an important Clark County ordinance being considered by the Clark County Commissioners that, if passed, will benefit the future of the transportation infrastructure in the valley and the related markets of engineering, construction, and construction management throughout Clark County. We urge our members to review the linked content and voice your support. The County Commissioners are requesting comments by email or letter prior to July 12. Below is the link to the article in the LVRJ and the request for comments and RTC message points and overview.

We urge our members to review this information and comment in support of  this ordinance which would increase the funding (approximately $700 million over the next few years) for transportation infrastructure projects in Southern Nevada by indexing the fuel tax to inflation. Washoe County had indexed the fuel tax a few years back but Clark County was never indexed and over time we lose purchase power on our transportation dollars. The County Commissioners along with City Councils had previously provided resolutions in support to encourage the State legislature to provide the authority for Clark County to index fuel taxes, which the legislature did (including support from the Governor). We also urge our members to notify co-workers and family members to provide comments in support of this ordinance. Emails are simple to write as they can be short and to the point and written in minutes. We encourage people to put their comments into their own words as we do not want form letters. We also encourage people to include their names and home address as it adds credibility. Thank you for your time.

Here is the link for the LVRJ article:

Emailed comments can be sent to Written comments may be mailed to Clark County Department of Business License, Fuel Tax Ordinance, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway, Third Floor, Box 551810, Las Vegas, NV 89155-1810. All comments are due by 5 pm July 12.


Kevin W. Love, PE, CCM
​Chapter President - CMAA Southern Nevada
P: 702.696.6232


Fuel Tax Indexing Message Points & Overview as of June 25, 2013

Notification of Proposed Amendments to Clark County Code